Video on Hunting morels

August 14, 2014 McCartney video


Mushrooming Videos on the net

March 18, 2012 McCartney video

  Playful mushrooming lead by a young woman who is a passionate shroomer.   And a very European hunt by housewifes WOnderful mountain morel hunting / camping trip. Go along and join the fun! A good explanation on morel hunting and paying your due. A interview with a Morel Hunt winner   A little bit […]


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Fun Truffle Documentaries

February 28, 2012 McCartney video

An amusing and entertaining documentary. And one about Truffles in Down Under


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Hunting Morels – a mini-documentary

February 17, 2012 McCartney video

This is a well done video to get the gist of morel hunting. Found it on Vimeo and wanted it to share. . The Perennial Plate Episode 7: Hunting Morel Mushrooms from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.


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