Mushrooming Videos on the net

March 18, 2012 McCartney video


Playful mushrooming lead by a young woman who is a passionate shroomer.


And a very European hunt by housewifes

WOnderful mountain morel hunting / camping trip. Go along and join the fun!

A good explanation on morel hunting and paying your due.

A interview with a Morel Hunt winner


A little bit about shitake log operation

A short mini documentary on the newly discovered underwater mushroom



Two guys interview a mushroom farm, a bit slow at times but interesting to myco guys.



Hunting with the Minnesota Mushroom club


QUick hunt with the Alabama Mycology Club

Morel Hunting Tips in the North



A 20 minute short film featuring David Arora

part 2


Dr Bob Cummings, Mycologist


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