Video – Hunting Mushrooms

February 25, 2012 McCartney foray

with Paul Stamets and Dusty Yao and why men really go mushroom hunting.


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Growing Oyster Mushrooms on Coffee Grounds

February 21, 2012 McCartney cultivation

Had a bit of fun 2 months ago growing oysters on coffee grounds. Made the mistake of putting them in a small plastic tub and forgetting they were there.  Well, found them today and they pushed up the lid and fruited.  But by the time I got to them, it was too late, they were […]


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Hunting Morels – a mini-documentary

February 17, 2012 McCartney video

This is a well done video to get the gist of morel hunting. Found it on Vimeo and wanted it to share. . The Perennial Plate Episode 7: Hunting Morel Mushrooms from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.


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East Texas Foray

February 11, 2012 McCartney foray

I was on a trip in East Texas to help do some fieldwork. We hiked 8-10 miles a day, and it had rained 2-4 days before so lots of shrooms had popped. With such a plethora of mushrooms, I had a field day taking pictures. I ignored all LBMs, as they are near impossible to […]


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Winter rain brings potiential mushrooms

December 26, 2011 McCartney Uncategorized

From mid December forays, we found that the rain was bringing out a few winter mushrooms. Maybe the drought is broken and good morels await us in spring?



Hunting Mushrooms makes NY Times article

October 22, 2011 McCartney Uncategorized



Magic mushrooms do permanant changes?

October 1, 2011 McCartney Uncategorized

Unfortunately, magic mushrooms taint the mushroom hunters world. Here is an article on a study that suggests these mushrooms may have a positive use after all. People who take the hallucinogenic drug in “magic mushrooms” can experience long-lasting changes in their personalities, researchers reported Thursday. A study involving 51 volunteers who took a single […]



3 lessons on hunting mushrooms

April 9, 2011 McCartney lesson

Unless we get a hard rain this week, the 2011 Texas morel season is a bust. The tiny amount of rain last week was a drizzle in most areas and at its best in South Onion area it was 0.15 inches. Not quite enough However, I hosted 2 mycologist from Colorado last week on a […]


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No Morels in Central Texas yet.

March 20, 2011 McCartney Uncategorized

The drought continues here. I spent the weekend hunting my good morel patches, but no luck. The early reports of morels near Dallas may be due to slightly more moisture than we have. Noaa maps show the drought. I expect to see Morels after the next rain. But haven’t found any here, yet.



Timing of Texas Morel Season

September 4, 2010 McCartney Uncategorized

Even a man who’s pure in heart And says his prayers by night, May hunt MORELS when the redbud blooms And the moon is full and bright!



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