Good flush in Texas- best in 5 years

March 25, 2015 McCartney foray

A good flush, about half the size as the monster 2010 flush. Harvested ~150 morels on Sunday, 303 on Monday and only 96 on Tues.  I noticed they were getting bigger on Tues.  If we get rain, maybe another flush on Friday, but only 25% chance I think.


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Morel Season Has Begun in Austin!

March 15, 2012 McCartney mushroom news

March 15, 2012 – Morel Season has begun!  Spent 2 hours hunting, only found 2 morels, but hey… it made the season official! Again, these were found under Juniper (Mountain Cedar) trees.   For my video on tips for hunting Morels in Texas see


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Hunting Morels – a mini-documentary

February 17, 2012 McCartney video

This is a well done video to get the gist of morel hunting. Found it on Vimeo and wanted it to share. . The Perennial Plate Episode 7: Hunting Morel Mushrooms from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.


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3 lessons on hunting mushrooms

April 9, 2011 McCartney lesson

Unless we get a hard rain this week, the 2011 Texas morel season is a bust. The tiny amount of rain last week was a drizzle in most areas and at its best in South Onion area it was 0.15 inches. Not quite enough However, I hosted 2 mycologist from Colorado last week on a […]


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